Preparing for your tripod kitty

The thing about your kitty losing a leg, is that it often occurs with little to no warning. Be it an accident that causes it or a surgical procedure, there usually is just not very much time to prepare nor is there very much information on how to prepare. Below is a list of some of the things I found helpful in supporting Toasts recovery.

First Day Home

Toast is home, safe and sound and doing great.  Look at those pupils, he’s stoned out of his mind!!! To donate to his cause please click below and share! TOAST THE CAT FUND I love all of my kittehs, but this guy has always been extra special. Not only to me but to everyone he…

Pre Op Front Right Paw Amputation

Early in the morning tomorrow, I will take my beautiful and very whole, Russian Blue to the vet where they will remove his leg and shoulder. Depending on the outcome, I am unsure how this blog will go, but I hope it turns out to be a testament to the resilience of cats.

For now, I am going to go lay down with my big man and cuddle with him while I read. In the meantime, if you come across this blog entry and feel like donating to Toasts cause, you can find his page at

Toast is not Amused

To donate or share news about Toast’s medical bills you can find him under Toast the Cat Fund @gofundme or just go to this link –>

Toasty Comes Home

It was quite a shock to see my beautiful Toasty with 1/4th of him missing and stoned out of his mind. But once he got home, he’s head seemed to clear (although his pupils remained rather dilated and he soon seemed his same old self again and in great spirits. He laid on the couch with me, purring away, hopped about the room and ate all of his food with glee.

The Early Days

I first met Toast when he was smuggled home by my then 10 year old son Jameson, in his Taekwondo uniform. As a single Mom with two cats, an iguana, sugar gliders ( one hateful and insane sugar glider that hated me and constantly escaped his cage), a parakeet, hamsters and a fire belly newt, I really thought it best not to add another family member. But the little blue/grey fluff ball was so adorable and it was evident that he was not just an ordinary cat. The small kitten immediately took to my son, following him around the house like his shadow. The little guy followed Jameson so closely that Jameson feared he would step on him, so he draped him over his shoulder and pretty much that was that.

Surgery Day

Toast made it through the surgery fabulously. Within hours he was headbutting the vet techs , purring and even hopping around a bit.

They removed his front right leg and shoulder and believe they got all of the cancer, but now we will wait 2 weeks until the biopsy comes back, to discover if he will need chemotherapy or not.

T had kept thinking about how traumatic the amputation would be, but in hindsight realize what a relief it must be to no longer be in such pain. Although the incision sight and removal of his leg must be painful, it likely is nowhere as painful as was walking wait on join that had been almost completely eaten away.

Cannot wait to get the big old puffball, back into my hands tomorrow.