First Day Home

Toast is home, safe and sound and doing great. toast first day home

Look at those pupils, he’s stoned out of his mind!!!

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I love all of my kittehs, but this guy has always been extra special. Not only to me but to everyone he ever meets. I am hopeful the biopsy indicates he will not need chemo, but regardless of the outcome, I am forever grateful to have him home and apparently happy. He doesn’t appear to be in pain at all and he loves his new kitty net house.

I am so please with how amazingly resilient he appears to be. I expected as much, but not for it to be anywhere near this level. His eyes continue to be dilated from the powerful meds given him at the vet, but he is alert and ready to move about. The net soft sided kitty condo I purchased for him (they are nearly $200.00 new, but I found him one on craigslist for $50.00, is a life saver. If you have a small dog or kitty coming home from a major surgery, I recommend you pick one up, it is a life saver and he loves it. You can find them at Kitty Playpen by Kritter Kommunity

Kritter Kondo

I took the cone of shame off because he does not seem to even acknowledge the stitches. He is acting like nothing happened there is just this inconvenience of missing and entire leg. If you are considering the option of this surgery and are worried about how your cat will deal, I cannot speak for every cat and an acquaintance of mine did post to my Facebook that when his cat went through this surgery, she was never the same,my but beautiful Toastado is doing so much better than I ever could imagine that I called the vet to make sure how much he was allowed to do. He ate like a pig, is cuddling and purring at my side on the couch and can make it about the house clumsily but be can do it.

The hardest thing for him it appears is the litter box. He always rested his two paws on the edge and now that does not seem to work, so he circles for a bit then sits in the litter and pees. I can tell he wants to poop but cannot figure out how to gain the traction. I think part of the problem is the lightweight litter. I’m going to purchase some scoopable clay litter. The kind that isn’t too powdery and more dense and see how that goes. I think if he has a wider lip in the front of the box, he will be able to lean on it to gain leverage. But not today.

Today I am just gonna hang with my puddy tat on the couch all day and power watch some Justified. I am lucky that I work from home so can be with him. If you are going through a similar situation, I do recommend taking the first day home for your critter off of work, if at all possible. If not you should have a crate or some sort of contained space for your behbeh to stay while you are away, since mine was ready to explore.



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