Toast is a 13 year old Russian Blue mix that has been with me since he was a kitten. Although Toast himself could make for an interesting blog, being an unusually charismatic cat, this blog is about his journey dealing with cancer, starting with the removal of his front leg and shoulder, which occurred the day after, the first blog entry here.

When searching for information on this subject, I found the net lacking. I had this same experience when my diabetic cat Sumo was in his last stages of life and I had nowhere to turn. I could find little to no subject matter on what it was like to deal with giving him intravenous fluids, how to make sure he was intaking enough calories, what was the best way to get him to eat and so on.

I meant to blog about Sumo, but was just too busy and distraught at the time. I hope on this blog, with Toast soon to be home and working his way toward recovery, I am able to somehow share our experiences, trials and tribulations.

I also hope that I will be looking back to this day (the day his leg was removed) in years to come and making note of the resilience of my beautiful Toast and how well he is doing in life.

Donations towards Toasts mounting medical bills –>TOAST THE CAT FUND

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