The Early Days

I first met Toast when he was smuggled home by my then 10 year old son Jameson, in his Taekwondo uniform. As a single Mom with two cats, an iguana, sugar gliders ( one hateful and insane sugar glider that hated me and constantly escaped his cage), a parakeet, hamsters and a fire belly newt, I really thought it best not to add another family member. But the little blue/grey fluff ball was so adorable and it was evident that he was not just an ordinary cat. The small kitten immediately took to my son, following him around the house like his shadow. The little guy followed Jameson so closely that Jameson feared he would step on him, so he draped him over his shoulder and pretty much that was that.

Toasty Comes Home

It was quite a shock to see my beautiful Toasty with 1/4th of him missing and stoned out of his mind. But once he got home, he’s head seemed to clear (although his pupils remained rather dilated and he soon seemed his same old self again and in great spirits. He laid on the couch with me, purring away, hopped about the room and ate all of his food with glee.